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Jelte ten Holt’s Extended Portfolio

My extended portfolio includes the items I mentioned on my portfolio page, as well as samples from further back. More material is available on request. Just use the mail button or type your email into this form and follow the instructions.


While working in academia, I helped write a chapter for an academic textbook. It was about Emotions and Mass Media. I also conducted my own research and wrote up the results for a peer-reviewed journal. Here is one about how facial features affect perceptions of sexual availability.

Using my psychology background, I’ve written quite a few articles. For example, I wrote How to Deal with Negative Customer Feedback When It Feels Personal and how it isn’t happiness but emotional resilience that protects you from depression.

Blog Writing

In the last year and a bit, I’ve created a lot of online content. A lot of it has been ghost written, so obviously I can’t link to that. Fortunately, I did write some in my own name. Here are two examples, What You Need to Know to Transition Effectively to Writing Online and if you can re-use an engagement ring. Yes, that second one sounds kind of boring, but the history of why we view diamonds the way we do is anything but. Check it out.


I wrote a script for a television season of a show called Chasing longevity. I was the sole scriptwriter. It earned a Finalist certificate for the New York Festival 2015. You can watch all six of the show’s episodes online. (Only available in some areas).


I’ve been helping people out with their personal branding. Two examples include helping Chris Haulmark craft his page so he can run for US Congress. I helped him write up his bio and his issues. I’ve also helped craft some LinkedIn profiles. For example, I helped Jascha Silberman write up his.

Artistic network 200 R ONE

I had the great honor of working for the start-up 200 R ONE as chief editor last year. During my time there I was in charge of all editing and copy concerns, as well as (as in normal in most startups) a great deal more. I wrote a piece about it called Behind a Nondescript Gate. It tells the story of how we formed a little community and tried to build an artistic community.

We also went on a road trip to some out-of-the-way festival in a small village in Nicaragua. It was an utterly bizarre experience. I ended up writing a story about it called Aghast in Achuapa.

My main occupation, however, was churning out a huge number of artistic introductions. In total, we did over 50 in three months. Three that I’m particularly proud of are:
Santiago Galeas
Ana Batres
Katie Hovencamp


I’ve also done work for many marketing companies. Here’s an ad for AdNozzle. I can show it as the company doesn’t have the rights. I actually enjoy working and tinkering on short texts like this. People think that short texts are less work. It’s often exactly the opposite, as you have to communicate so much more with the few words you have. When you pull it off, however, and a piece gels, it can give you a real glow of satisfaction.


While I was in Indonesia, there was a riot and people had died after some women were attacked and allegedly raped. This is the interview I did with them. Rohingya Refugees in Indonesia: Off the Boat Yet Still Adrift. It changed me.

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